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Nov 23, 2004
  1. I have WinRAR, I believe it came with Windows XP?, I have not knowingly put anything in it, but in seven months, it has acquired dozens of files, what is the purpose of this, I presume that every time a new file is created, it automatically stored there.
    I am not familiar with the use/application of WinRAR, what is it's main purpose, in other words, how can it be useful to me?, all I know is I can unpack files,using it, but as for anything else,.....??

    Maurice [​IMG]
  2. bushwhacker

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    Hi Maurice,

    Windows XP included their own unzip program but not include any WinZip or WinRAR.

    You will need to download the version of these program.

    WinZip =

    WinRAR =

    My suggestion, get WINRAR! This program works even better for you.

  3. Maurice

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    I thought that I explained that I have WinRAR,the shop that built my PC, It wasn't off the shelf, the guy that did the deed is Glen, [he is a TS member, as "Tailored Systems", have a look] he must have loaded it, as he also did some virus patches, all complete with desktop items, as part of the package, the WinRAR icon looks like a pile of books .
    That leaves me still not knowing the ins & outs of WinRAR, perhaps someone else will help me, as they have done many times before over the last eighteen months, as most of them know, I am not young, & only got into computers two years ago, hence all the queries.
  4. SNGX1275

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    WHAT? He says he already has winrar, and he asked a question about it.

    Maurice - I don't even understand what you are trying to ask. WinRAR is a program that will put files in a compressed format, or even multiple files into 1 file for easier file transfer. It can also take BIG files such as movies, and split them into multiple files (not playable in this format though) of any size - one reason you might do this is if you needed to transfer a file bigger than 700 megs to another computer (assuming you don't have a dvd burner). You could split the file into 700 meg files, so you could span it across multiple cds, and then extract it back to its original form.
    WinRAR by itself does NOT just accumulate files on its own. Could you try and explain your situation again, but with more detail.
  5. Maurice

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    It beats me, then, SNGX, I have definitely NOT clicked on ANYTHING to put files to WinRAR.
    I have tried to cut/paste the details to here, it usually works, but didn't this time for some reason, it states that there are over four million bytes in over seven hundred files, I think the clue is that roughly 50% of files have a zero shown against "size", from Nov 11th this year, before that, they are medium to large, mostly jpeg/gif images, one active server doc, some PHP, & HTML docs.
    Does this explain things?, nobody but me has used the computer since I had it built, seven months ago, [I live alone] except when I called someone in, because it had crashed, he was the same guy who set it up for me, initially.
    So it's a mystery, unless the extra details you asked for gives some explanation.
    Don't make me out to be muddle -headed, please, Quote;- "What, he's got WinRAR, & he's asking a question about it"

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