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Feb 10, 2003
  1. WinXP User Accounts

    Heres the deal - I had 3 accounts, one admin account called "Administrator" and 2 other limited accounts. I got onto the admin/"Administrator" account and made one of limited accounts the computer admin as well. Hoping for there to be 2 computer adminitstartors and 1 limited, it took the "Administrator" account off the welcome screen. When I try to make a new account called "Administrator" it sayz that account is already made. Also funky thing, I can no longer CTRL+ALT+DEL at the welcome screen, it just doesnt do anything =\ So I cant get into the account that way. How can I get the account "Administrator" back up at the welcome screen? Even if it means only having one admin account, I must get this account "back". Im running WindowsXP Professional. Any help big thanx!!
  2. Rick

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    The Administrator account is not shown on the XP login screen by default when another Administrator account is available.

    You can enable the "Administrator" account to be shown on the Welcome screen - But for security reasons and simplicity - Make a yet another new Administrator account with a different name if you need two Admin accounts.

    If you REALLY need your "Administrator" account to show up on Welcome screen, then I will come back to you later on when I have more time and explain how.
  3. Justin

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    Go to and download TweakXP (XP Powertools) in their Windows XP download section. In the I believe GENERAL or ACCOUNTS section of TweakXP there is the option to un-hide the administrator account.

    ALTERNATIVELY - In the Users control panel, click "Change the way users login to this computer" and choose the old version - Now you can put in an account name manually again.

    Hope this helps :)
  4. ---agissi---

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    Thanks guys for all the help, I'll try what you suggested once i get home (at school now). Because I REALLY need the actuall "Administrator" account to show up (hacked my dads account:blush: ).
  5. KonkeyDong

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    The CTRL+ALT+Del function at logon is a function in the services menu. Go: Start>Ctrl Panel>Admin>Services - scroll the services for the function you like and make sure it is set to automatic.
    Let us know if ya need any other help. (Hacking your Dad's acct.???) :rolleyes:
  6. ---agissi---

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    thanx konky, I got it all sorted out...long story, but I got it. thanx! :grinthumb
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