winXP Home loaded on top of winXP Pro nightmare!

By paul H
Mar 30, 2007
  1. I thought installing a copy of winXP Pro on a new HD in my DELL Dimension 3000 would be a piece of cake. It came with XP Home. I could'nt have been more wrong. Now I know what "proprietary" really means. I discovered that none of the drivers or utilities would work with Pro, and not wanting to deal with DELL support, I tried, unsuccessfully, to uninstall it myself. After not being able to uninstall, I tried loading XP Home on top of Pro. I thought the install would give me the option to delete the partition and format the drive. I recieved an error message stating that XP Home could not replace XP Pro. I then installed the Recovery Console and tried to run osuninst.exe at the command prompt, but recieved the message "setup cannot uninstall win XP because the necessary registration information is missing". If anyone would care to give me hand with this, I would be eternally greatful.
    Thanks, paul H
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