WinXP not likeing blanks

By Dragonnut
Oct 22, 2005
  1. My computer started not reading blank cd's or dvd's. Ive got Winxp fully updated, a few burner programs(Nero, gamexcopy, Ultra dvd creator). I haven't changed anything to do w/ the burner programs in several weeks. last week both my cd burner and my dvd burner stop reading blanks and rewritables (if blank). both drives read everything just fine oter than blanks come up w/ 0MB left.
    I've tried removeing the last cd program.
    tryied removing both drives from hardware manager and letting it reinstall
    I checked (NAV2004) for viruses and used norton check online, clean
    and I used ad-awares scanner to no avail.
    I'm running out of ideas.
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