WinXP Pro Disk Management Tool wont start(trying to change DVD drive letter)

By kevx92874
Aug 7, 2007
  1. I have WinXP PRO and have used the Disk Management utility/tool under Computer Management to change the drive letter of my DVD/CD rom before but now it keeps trying to connect to a remote computer. the first message i get when I click on it is:
    "The Disk Management console failed to connect to the remote computer because the Disk Management remoting service is not in the Windows Firewall exception list. Add the Disk Management remoting service(dmremote.exe) to the Windows Firewall exception list and try again"

    I am not trying to connect to a remote computer or anything just trying to change my DVD drive letter on this computer. It let me do it before. The reason I am trying to do this is I have a cd/dvd drive emulator that I use to play my games so I don't wear out my cd/dvd's and some of them will only run if the 'cd/dvd' are in the first drive 'D' and poweriso defaults to the last drive on start up.

    ok so I go and allow windows firewall the exception for dmremote.exe and try again this time I get this message:
    "The Disk Management console failed to connect to the remote computer because the RPC port is not opened in the Windows Firewall. Open the port by adding the RPC port(TCP port 135) to the windows Firewall exception list and try again."

    So I go and do that and try again.
    I get this message:
    "No such interface supported"

    Could someone please help out, I have searched the web and cannot find anything that relates to my problem
  2. Tmagic650

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    Delete the drive emulator and remove the drive in the device manager. Restart your system. The CD drive should reinstalled by Windows using the proper letter. If you want to reinstall an emulator try Daemon Tools
  3. kevx92874

    kevx92874 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, but did not help

    I appreciate the help but this doesn't help. My DVD player is already my 'D' drive but I need to make my emulator my 'D' drive and my DVD player 'E' or after and cannot do that without using Disk Manager(that I know of). But I did unistall poweriso and delete the drivers for my DVD player and yes windows reinstalled them but Disk Manager still doesn't work. I need my emulator to be the first drive because some of my games wont play unless they are in the first cd drive letter. any other suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. also I found an article here:

    and did as instructed but to no avail.
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