WinXP SP2 this December, with a security emphasis

By Julio Franco
Oct 15, 2003
  1. The second Windows XP service pack will include a number of changes designed to allay security fears

    A Microsoft executive has said the company will launch Service Pack 2 for Windows XP in December, months earlier than the company forecast on its Service Pack roadmap.

    Read more: ZDNet.
  2. negroplasty

    negroplasty TS Guru Posts: 516   +12

    Ahh yes, this is very cool; I always get excited as a new SP approaches. I just wonder how it will screw up my system this time ;) , nah, I only had problems with EVERY other Microsoft OS - but I will put my life on the stability of XP Pro - at least mine :p .
  3. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    If it fixes my VPN disconnecting after 60 seconds thing I'll do it. I downloaded SP1 and got all excited about it only to find out my VPN was broke, so I had to uninstall it.
  4. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    You sire have very little value for life...:eek:

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