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WinXP. USB 2.0 Bad_Pool_Header

By Victor. ยท 4 replies
Nov 26, 2004
  1. Dear Members,

    I spotted a long topic Bad_Pool_Header but I could not spot any definitive fix. May I ask a question arising out of this however

    I have a GigaByte K7 Triton GA-7VA with AMD 2000XP CPU under WinXP (hot upgrade from Win98SE). There are two USB sockets at the back but they do not operate USB 2.0 devices properly.

    I realised today that the installation of the Motherboard CD now shuts down my computer (which was built when I had Win98SE) and this is blamed on my Graphics Card ATI Radeon 9200SE. I have been unable to install the ATI Driver supplied but WinXP installs one anyway but not the true one apparently. I have the WinXP SP2 installed.

    Putting this aside, and accepting that I cannot get USB 2.0 because of the above incompatibilities (and without attempting to cure them), I would like to ask if this state of affairs means that I cannot use a separate Belkin USB 2.0 PCI Card, which I have bought with its own installation CD.

    Thus, my question is that notwithstanding the two problems with the fixed USB Sockets, the ATI card, the GigaByte Installation CD, - can I still obtain USB 2.0 using my new Belkin Card or has the preceding state of affairs wrecked this too?

    It does seem to me appalling that after spending good money, there is no way these matters can be solved easily (as I certainly cannot understand what exactly is wrong or how to begin to cure it) and one is left with a crippled half-working system.

    Thanks for any advice you may have.
    Regards, Victor. London 26th Nov.

    PS. I wrote to GigaByte in the UK, USA and Germany. All e-mails were rejected. I wrote to ATI and that went through (online)

    My text was as under (giving a bit more info),...

    Dear Sirs,

    This problem has arisen in a roundabout way!

    I just installed a new good quality PSU (quiet operation 400W) and whilst the case was open, I thought I would remove my Belkin USB2.0 and check my two onboard USB Sockets as I did not think they were providing USB 2.0 properly.

    I discovered that USB drivers were not showing when I went to reinstall the motherboard CD but immediately my manchine shut off with a message about "Bad_Pool_Header" and then an error came up later via Microsoft saying a serious "Graphics Device Error" had occurred.

    My graphics card is Radeon 9200SE (my old card would not fit when the shop updated my MSI Board to a "GIGABYTE GA-7VA K7 Triton"

    I then attemped to reinstall my ATI Drivers using the CD "ATI VGA DRIVER Ver: VES1.09" and the HydraVision.

    The ATI Drivers refuse to install.

    I presume the Drivers I have now are provided by Microsoft because HydraVision will not go either.

    So what started as an attempt to get my USB 2.0 working has revealed a problem with my ATI graphics driver.

    Current Position: Under WinXP,I am able to use my RadeonSE but not with your proper drivers (ATI & HYDRAVISION).

    MY USB 2.0 installation (onboard) CD causes a shutdown which is then linked to the first problem. I am not sure what my additional Belkin USB 2.0 will give if the onboard USB 2.0 is not installed.

    USB is working but I presume only under 1.1 but I am not sure?

    I would appreciate any help.

    I have installed the WinXP Service Packs 1 & 2. I have an AMD 2000XP CPU with 1,024DDR Memory (2 x 512MB DDR)

    NB. The shop that upgraded my computer worked in Win98SE and is now closed down.
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Welcome to TechSpot

    To make a long story short, you should make backups of your personal data, then install XP from scratch with filesystem NTFS, rather than the "update XP over W98."
    You have too much old junk in your Windows-system.
    That way you can cleanly install your mobo-CD and ATI-drivers etc.
    If your mobo-manual says you have USB2, you should have that.

    You can stick the Belkin card anyway, provided you can get the drivers installed.
  3. Victor.

    Victor. TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Dear RBS,

    Thank you for kindly replying.

    At present with 87 programmes installed, I did not relish having to clear the decks, hence I bought the upgrade CD knowing that I would probably get some inherited Win98SE problems/incompatibilities, etc.

    As it was, the upgrade went well despite all the dire warnings that virtually everything on my computer system was incompatible with WinXP. In the end, I removed Roxio's "Go Back 3 De Luxe" and a couple of utilities didn't work properly (incl. "Zip Magic" which I liked).

    I have put back the "Belkin USB 2.0" PCI Card and the new entries in Device Manager read what they should. However, I suspect that the two inbuilt USB 2.0 sockets are not right.

    I am awaiting a reply from ATI and I may try Gigabyte again by telephone to see where I can write to.

    Meantime, everything else works fairly well, so I am just carrying on. I did fit a new Quiet Pc. 400W PSU the other day otherwise I will carry on with the old setup for a while.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Regards, V. 30th November 2004.
  4. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

  5. Victor.

    Victor. TS Rookie Topic Starter

    USB programme

    Dear RBS,

    I have downloaded the trial version of the USB Source programme that you kindly referred me to [ www.sourcequest.com ]

    It's nicely laid out. It detects two devices fitted (one a novelty USB 1 Twinmos Flash Drive 128Mb and the other a 40Gb LaCie Mobile Drive USB 2.0 but I cannot see where it shows whether these are on USB 1 or USB 2 ? Does the programme reveal this I wonder?

    I checked the cost so that I could register it but I found for a single user that the charge is $350, which is rather prohibitive. I cannot understand why it should be so costly?

    Thanks again,

    Regards, V. 30th November 2004.
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