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Aug 6, 2002
  1. My friend's computer is a HP 7965 (p4 1.7ghz, 512ddram). And he seems to be having problems loading. He can enter his BIOS just fine, but he cannot enter Windows XP because it won't load. During the password, it freezes and an error message pops up saying "c_20127.nls file missing." This just happened after he used the recovery for hp program. Any help?
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    The file belongs in c:\WINDOWS\system32

    I think you can get to this folder from the recovery console. You get that from booting from a Windows XP CD, and choosing recovery instead of installation. You then select recovery console.

    HELP will give you a list of commands, but to copy I believe its just "copy" or something. the command will be something like copy sourcefile destination or something similar. if you get really stuck post back I will check what the command is.

    I've attached my own c_20127.nls file. Its here as c_20127.txt so you shall have to rename it to c_20127.nls on your own computer and then maybe put it on a floppy or something before attempting the recovery on your friends PC.

    If you are having major probs getting the file in there, and are comfortable with hardware, you could take the HDD from your pal's machine, fit it in yours, copy the file into the right place and then fit the HDD back in again. But try the recovery console first.

    Good luck.

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    Of course, you may find that once you replace this file, the computer's next complaint will be that there are more files missing. In that case make a list. You can determine the proper paths for the files from searching for them on a working Windows XP machine. You can also source the files from there.

    A good clean installation would be a good idea in the end but its worth trying these steps first. If not then its time to reinstall fom a Windows XP CD (assuming that your problems started with you used the recovery CD that came with the machine from HP.)
  4. AcidicRage

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    An update from my friend:

    After restarting the computer manually, it will go thru the windows xp loading screen and then come up with an error saying " lasass.exe error
    wen trying to update the password, the value provided as the current password was incorrect" after a few seconds it will reboot itself again and go back to the same error
  5. Phantasm66

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    Someone posted there solution to something very similar here:

  6. AcidicRage

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    How do I make a up a bootup disk for my friend? He has no WinXP CD, neither do I. He wants to know if there's a way to put that .nls file into a bootup disk, so he can put it in his comp, and when it reads, it will read the .nls file, and his comp will work fine, or SOMETHING like that. He doesn't want to full-install his comp or anything.
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    Can you get into safe mode by holding f8 as windows is booting? then you could try the instructions I posted earlier for trying a repair. I think, though, you would need to be able to get to the desktop to make an emergency repair disk with the registry on there which is part of the fix.

    the above stuff for a boot disk only applies if your drive is formatted NTFS. It probably was. But if it was not, then a regular windows 98 boot disk would do.
  8. AcidicRage

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    It gets the same error in safe mode.
  9. AcidicRage

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    So what you're saying is put 4 files in the disk:
    and the nls file?

    What is and ntldr? Is it a file in XP? (If so, I can go home where I have winxp, and copy that, so I can give it to my friend)
  10. Phantasm66

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    these are files on your c:\ directory, but you will not see them unless you unhide protected operating system files in folder options, view, in an explorer window.

    apparently, from what I am reading, several folks have had the same problem as you, basically all who have got prebuild PCs from your HPs, Viglens and Dells of this life, who got some crappy recovery disk from the company rather than a legitimate CD copy of Windows XP.

    i am still searching for a good solution but it looks like a lot of folks gave up and reinstalled from a Windows XP CD. But I should find more....
  11. Rick

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    You should try to boot into Safe Mode Command Prompt instead of regular Safe Mode and see if that works. If it does, you may be able to run System File Checker by typing SFC in the command prompt.

    I doubt you'll have any luck getting into Safe Mode Command Prompt anyway though, since you cannot get into normal Safe Mode.

    My best suggestion would be booting from the Windows XP CD and performing an automatic recovery. I'm not sure how it works, but I have reason to believe it works quite a bit like SFC.

    When you boot from the CD and you are prompted to install Windows XP or repair and installation, choose the repair option. Don't use the recovery console, but use the other option (can't remember what it is called though).

    If none of this works and you can't login to your system, you'll probably have to reinstall Windows XP.
  12. AcidicRage

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    I have 2 files put into the disk so far. Just the boot.ini and the .nls file. I cannot find the or the ntldr. Can you perhaps give/upload them? I am going to put these 4 files into the disk, and see if that will work for the bootup.
  13. Phantasm66

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    You do have these files.

    Open a Windows Explorer.

    Go to tools.

    Select folder options.

    Select view.

    Under hidden files and folders, select show hidden files and folders.

    Untick hide file extensions for known file types.

    Untick Hide protected operating system files.

    now go to c:\

    in there you shall find the files now.

    be careful not to move these files, only to copy them.... Or you will have a rather hard time making your machine boot up again. These are programs and files used in the process when your computer starts up.

    The instructions I have posted were verified on Windows 2000 but should hold true word for word for XP as well. I doubt there is even a subtle difference.
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