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Feb 16, 2006
  1. I need help setting up my home network. I am planning to connect my custom built machine (wired into the lan) and my wireless Sony Vaio RB desktop. I dont want to have to connect my Vaio via lan because its two stories up and that would take alot of drilling and destroying of my nice walls. I know its possible to have a network like this (where wireless and wired computers communicate) but I don't know how to set it up. Can anyone help me?

    Custom Computer (master)
    AMD Althlon 64 3200+
    Geforce 6600 256mb
    10 gb master harddrive
    120 gb slave
    NEC 3450A dvd burner
    Samsung Cd burner
    Windows XP home SP1

    Sony Vaio RB (secondary)
    Intel Pentium D 930
    2x 150 gb HDD Raid 0 (300gb total)
    Sony DVD-RW-DL burner
    Sony DVD/CD Drive
    Windows XP Media Center

    My custom computer would be the computer with all the networking tools on it.
  2. Nodsu

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    What network devices do you have at the moment? If you happen to have a wireless router, then all you have to do is Read The Friendly Manual.

    If you currently have only wired devices, then you need to buy a wireless access point and hook it up to your current network.

    You can also get away with a wireless router.
  3. N3051M

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    yes.. wireless router is more efficient.. especialy if you plan to use broadband with that in the future :) otherwise a usb/pci wifi network card can also do the job of being an access point..

    and yes we do need tad more info about your network setup: current and proposed and what goes where, how (cable/device etc) and such..
  4. not-so-pwner

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    I think Ill just buy network magic. I want to have both my wireless and wired computers to share files and print from my printer (hooked up to the wired). I have a wireless router (Linksys WRT54G v2.0) with the newest firmware. I tried everything I could think of with windows xp alone and I downloaded the trial of Network Magic and so far its been doing great for me. If I can do this without network magic it would be great.

    Have both computers share files
    Both computers print off of wired printer
    Wired to wireless speed (transfer rate) 3:1
    I have a 4 mbps connection
  5. N3051M

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    well.. you can buy netmagic.. its your money.. but for free that does the same thing would be the network setup wizard..(start>programs>accessories>communications>network setup wiz)

    read through it, it should be nice and simple.. but a few important things to make this work..
    - computer names/device name must be different/unique
    - Workgroup name must be the same (ie: mshome, mynetwork or whatever you wnat to call it) to let the computers see each other and transfer files/services accross
    - dont forget to share the folders/drives you want to share (right click>properties>share)
    - i assume your printer is connected to usb via computer > network hub (wired)? then dont forget to enable printer shareing from the network wiz...
    -if it plugs straight in to the network hub (ethernet) tehn you may need to consult your print manual to see how to set up.
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