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Jun 4, 2005
  1. I'm totally new to using wireless networks, and having a problem with the setup. It appears that I have installed the system correctly, and my laptop and PC do connect to each other. But, I can only assume that the new log in windows which appear when I restart the laptop are for the purpose of finalizing the connection. My problem is that the first window accepts the encrypted log in data, but the second doesn't. I have tried just about every combination of passwords that I have used on the PC, but none work. How can this be rectified? I have no problem logging into my PC locally, so I assume the problem is not with the regular Windows passwords. If I am correct, where would I find the password file created by the wireless system?
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    Have you created the new account one the PC you are trying to log in to, its not enough to only have the account on the PC you are trying to connect from. Also, have you set up the PC you are trying to connect to to allow sharing of its resources, i.e. disk and printers etc?
  3. seeker1

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    Of course, but I'm not certain that it was setup properly. As I said, the problem appeared to be with the password recognition, not with the accounts, but I don't know.

    After doing some research on the net, I realized that I had installed the card on the wrong PCI (not the orange one), and reinstalled everything. Something went wrong, for now the configuration utility appears only for a second before disappearing, so I guess I'll install once again.
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    Can you give more details.
    1) What wireless router are you using?
    2) What wireless cards?
    3) What operating systems?
    4) What do the password boxes you are getting look like?
  5. seeker1

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    I'm not using a router, but a Belkin F5D7000 PCI network card on the PC. And, a Belkin F5D7010 PCMCIA network card for the laptop. The system on the PC is Windows XP, and on the laptop it's Windows 98SE. I'm not sure how to describe the password windows, but as far as I can tell, they are the same as used by the remote desktop feature of XP. I do know that the Windows instructions said to install the remote desktop feature on the laptop...but for reasons that I won't dwell on I'm not certain that I did this.
  6. tdeg

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    For the two computers to connect to each other you will need a wireless router or an access point. At least this is what I understand.

    I'm guessing that you are connecting to perhaps a neighbor's network and they have encrytion or authentication turned on and this is the password you are being prompted for.

    Are you able to surf the internet through the wireless connection?
  7. Molson316

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    You don't need a wireless router for 2 wireless devices to communicate with each other (Peer-to-Peer) The wireless router or WAP however, would give you access to a network or internet, because it would be connected to the internet/network, and them beam that connection to all wireless devices.
  8. tdeg

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    Did realize you could set up peer-to-peer. I only have a router and a USB card, so don't have the two devices yet....insteresting.
  9. seeker1

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    I'm curious, I have spoke to a number of people who are a lot smarter about networking than I, and they were split about 50/50 if what I want can be done. I intend to access the internet from my laptop connecting via ad hoc to my PC, and using it to act as the server using a dialup modem, rather than anykind of ethernet, etc. What do you think, will it work?
  10. seeker1

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    Since I last posted, I have reinstalled the PCI card on my desktop, but things seem to have only gotten worse. I had tried to reinstall it on the orange PCI slot which is supposed to be for wireless, but that caused both Windows and Linux to fail booting up. So I installed again on a white slot, which permits bootup, but regardless of what I do, when I click on it's icon, the configuration utility appears for about a second on the screen and then disappears. Without it, there is no way to create the appropriate settings for the network to operate. I have reinstalled the utility software with each install of the card, but have performed a very thorough cleaning of the registry each time. I thought that the utility might be doing this due to a failed dependency or setting on Windows, but I have gone over it from end to end. I don't think that I have run into a similar problem, so I have no inkling as to what might be it's cause. I intend to call Belkin tomorrow, but if I can't find a cure for this between them and the forum, I'm going to return the cards to the store.
  11. Nodsu

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    You could set up the ICS on Linux instead if Windows is refusing to cooperate.
  12. tdeg

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    From my reading, the setup you are looking at should work.

    The first thing is to get the basic networking going. You will need to set up ICS (Internet connection sharing) on the desktop. The modem should be the internet interface and the wireless connection should be the shared interface. You will need to probably set up a static IP on the laptop that is in the same subnet as the wireless card on the desktop. Make sure you enter the DNS servers from your internet provider in there also. The gateway to enter should be the same one as is listed when you do an ipconfig / all on a command prompt on the desktop.

    As far as the laptop goes, the new logon that you get when you first sign on might be a Microsoft Network logon that shows up now since you have now setup a network on that laptop. I don't have a Win98SE machine here to play with, but I think you can just hit enter to the first one. What is the text that it says on that logon box (ie... Windows Networking Password)?

    Here is a howto from Microsoft, it may be of use if you can get your hardware working....


    I know they are showing two XP machines, but the 98SE may be just a little different. I know I had fun getting my 98SE machine to network to a 2000 box through a standard network.
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