Wireless card for Laptop

By A_DOG73
Feb 21, 2006
  1. Yeah. Ididmyc600 is right. Also, make sure that windows will detect the wireless network for you.

    While the wireless network card is plugged into the laptop:

    Go to Start, My Network Places, View Network Connections, and right click the wireless connection. Then click properties. Click the wireless networks tab and make sure that under "Preferred Networks" it say's automatic.

    When you boot up it will automatically search for the network and you are set.

    Good luck.
  2. ascantu

    ascantu TS Rookie


    Thanks for a prompt reply. Looks like I'm on the market for a Netgear/Belkin card for my laptop.
  3. ascantu

    ascantu TS Rookie

    More and more hotels and other businesses are going with wireless internet. I have never work/used/installed a wireless LAN but would like to have connectivity when I go to the hotels. Is there a laptop card that is pretty much a plug and go that would not require any or few configuration changes?

    I am concerned about having problems with the wired DSL connection when I get back home.

  4. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    Under XP nearly all cards are plug and play, as for your wired connection that uses a different connection so as soon as you go home and plug in your laptop will know

    I suugest Belkin or Netgear and make sure it's the G type not the old B.
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