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wireless card going nuts!

By killersmurf
Jul 17, 2005
  1. Hello all, i am in major need of help.

    i have been attempting to help a friend who is having wireless worries and now i have to turn to forums and rack the brains of specialist networkers out there!

    the network is as follows. there are 2 laptops, one of which is connected to a router (NetComm NB5580W) and has a fully functioning internet. the other computer is a laptop with a NetComm np543 wireless card - this is the dysfunctional computer. both computers are running XP but the one with the router is running service pack 2 and the one with the problem is running service pack 1. (the one with sp1 was originally with sp2 but i uninstalled sp2 thinking that i had wireless internet problems due to this but its still not working!)

    getting to the problem at hand at present, i installed all the driver software from the CD that came with the card and then plugged the card in. i followed the 'new hardware' wizard that popped up and the device appeared in device manager under network adaptes along with the laptops network card. then the little icon called WLAN in the system tray that indicates if the network is functioning or not goes green which is what we want. but then the windows wireless icon appears and says 'wireless network unavailable' in a little balloon, but suddenly changes to 'connected to..etc' and flips back to 'unavailable' then back to 'connected' over and over and over. this happens so fast that the icon is actually flickering.

    i thought maybe there was some sort of conflict with the windows wirless system, but then i realised this was service pack 1 and shouldnt be a prblem. but i tried to open task manager, and nothing happened. in fact the entire computer had slowed to a crawl with the only actiivity being the flickering icon. when i eject the card, it stops flickering, but the computer still doesnt function properly with only some windows opening, and it wont even restart. when i try to restart it brings up a window that 'wireless internet connection' or soemthing to that effect, isnt responding and i click 'end now'. what is going on!!

    i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the card several times. i have also tried using windows to detect available networks, but that doesnt work either.

    please will someone help me and i can pass the information to my friend.


  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    try turning off all encryption/security at the router and wireless client, the retry a fresh connecion. one you have acertained whether this works of not, put your security back in place. reply how this went.

    BTW > have you got the latest network card drivers installed? if not, get the latest and greatest from the manufacturer.
  3. killersmurf

    killersmurf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i got it to work eventually. i just reset the entire router and started from scratch. thanks for the advice tho, much appreciate ur time zephead

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