Wireless card stops working when video card is installed.

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Hi. I recenly purchased a Dell Dimension 3000 running XP. I connect to the internet using a Linksys Wireless-G (model WMP54GS). That works just fine. However, I got a new video card, a GeForce FX 5500 and when it's installed the wirless card doesn't really work. It struggles to find the network. If it does find it it generally won't connect. Once in a while I can get it to connect but that's not very common. Once I remove the video card the network works fine. I've tried installing a variety of drivers for both PCI cards. I've tried moving the cards to different slots and the results are always the same. Any ideas as to why this would happen?



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how is the power supply? Maybe adding the video card reduces the power enough to cause the nic to drop.


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You may be experiencing a resource conflict. With the new card installed, use device manager to see what interrupt your video card is using and what interrupt your wireless card is using.

Normally, modern OS'es don't have much trouble with shared resources and handle it automatically, but every once in a while you can run into trouble. Windows will often flag a device with a "!" if there is a resource conflict that is causing problems, but you'll want to check by hand as well.

You may try using the "Reset ESCD Data" option in BIOS to force the motherboard to re-assign all your hardware new resources.


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I believe Soul Harvester is correct - shift the card(s) to a different PCI slot(s).

edit: and, if you have been waiting since 2005 for this answer, my apologies.

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