Wireless Connection Dropping Frequently

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Mar 31, 2007
  1. So just recently I noticed that my internet connection has been dropping frequently, somewhere in between 2-4 times every 2 hours. It'll either say im connected to the router, but the router will give me a message saying that it could not connect with the internet provider, or windows will tell me im not connected all together. To solve this problem all I do is unplug then replug my adapter back in and it works fine.

    I thought this was all just my adapter [I'm now running off a fresh HD and it started about a week after I switched over], so I reinstalled the drivers and no luck. Then my sister tells me her laptop also gets the message from the router, then my mom tells me it happens to her sometimes to. My dad who uses a hardwire connection never notices problems, and last night I hooked up my computer and left it down there for the day, and no drops.

    I went into the settings in the router to see if it was letting us do enough wireless connections for everyone in our house, and it was correct. I don't remember touching any settings in the router and no one else in the family knows the password so them changing something is unlikely.

    So, is this something we should contact SBC for [I think the warranty is over though], or buy a new router.
    And if the second option, whats a good recommendation

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    For wireless reliability, the first action is to update the firmware in the router
    AND every PC wireless adaptor which you wish to connect to that router.

    Second action is to ensure ALL pcs are using only B or G mode, but not a mixture
    of both -- this just causes problems

    Third action is to know how many other wireless systems are in range of
    your PCs and to note which channels each are using. Also note if they are
    B,G, or B/G if at all possible.

    Now select a channel that no one else is using.
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    I had SBC for a very long time, but I don't have DSL anymore. But what I can tell you as long as you have their service they have to support you as you are paying for it monthly. What you have experience is normal with them. The service drops every so often even near 3am in the morning. Not much you can do until the DSL aggreement expire and you're free to choose another ISP like cable..

    If you want and should do, is call up the helpdesk for SBC now AT&T just to let it you know it's worst under them than it was under SBC as to being treated on the phone etc.. Anyway you tell the tier one tech (India) lucky if you get an American? You want tier 3 technician they have to connect you to NC where an American tier 3 tech will talk to you and test out your line and DSL modem performance. He or she will be the best person to help you. They might request a line men to come out and check the lines or service tech to check the lines in your dwelling.

    I had this done prior to leaving them, I wasn't happy with them, all they did is send me a new Modem where it's still in the box.
  4. whtddusy516

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    Mmk, I had checked the firmware to see if there were updates but im guessing it does it by itself because it says its up to date. My driver is up to date, and as is everyone else. We've had NO problems what so ever with this modem for about a year now and this is all new. The first thing I checked when mine went out was the Internet/DSL connection and both were green on the router and they usually take about 2 minutes to even connect so I knew it wasn't that. Also I wish it was just at 3AM, but its all day lol.

    I would go to cable, but I don't pay the bills. We had switched over from comcast to Dish Network which came with the DSL for under the price Comcast was charging us for just the cable, so making my parents switch again is highly unlikely haha.

    In the Wireless Zero network finder ours is the only one in range and its running on B/G.

    Oh and another thing, SSID is on, should that be disabled?
  5. tipstir

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    SSID is broadcasting some routers can hid that unless you have a feature to do that. Leave it... Well if the DSL is dropping in the day then you have to call them up and they'll send over a line tester to see what the problem is. The last month with them I had all sort of problem. I had Comcast also but didn't have them for internet they were awful with digital cable and I didn't want them for phone or internet. I don't have them anymore go rid of them and SBC. Have COX for everything and it's a lot better and less expensive.
  6. whtddusy516

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    COX doesn't serve Illinois haha.
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