Wireless Connection problems

By james_k1988
Jul 6, 2006
  1. (Note i knew sod all about wireless networks/routers before i done this, so im still not totally "in the loop" with it all yet, but im getting there :) )

    I recently set up a wireless setup for a friend. His sister connects to the router through wireless adaptor, and the other computer uses a ethernet connection. It all got set up fine, no problems. But he has recently gotten a laptop and wanted it onto the internet through wireless as well.

    (Before i go any further keep in Mind that the Router and Wireless usb stick (not sure on technical name) are both Belkin. Not sure what model though :( )

    The laptop had built in wireless, not sure on make, something like Arathos. But no matter what i done, it would not pick up the network, i tried it manually (making new connection an putting in encryption type etc.) but that didnt work at all. There was also another network nearby, that the belkin adaptor picked up also, but the laptop picked up nothing. The laptop was just out the box, straight from the company, with everything installed.

    I decided to take out the belkin network adaptor, and try it in the laptop. Worked fine, connected and was able to go online no bother (keep in mind that this means the belkin adaptor was out the PC at this point). I never checked the signal strengh but it was going quickly online so i never thought anything else of it.

    So he bought a new adaptor (identical to the other one), but it didnt work straight away. Turned out just to be that the drivers werent installed properly. So i reinstalled them and it did connect to the network, but it was very very slow. Signal strengh was mostly low, sometimes jumping up to good. I tried to set up a wireless network as well, using the wizard. The running the setup on the pc, going through it to add a pc, putting data onto flash, putting that into laptop, then back into pc Scenario :) . PC was fine but laptop wasnt game. It also kept getting disconnected alot, i thought this might be why its not connecting to the wireless network .

    I dont know why it isnt getting good strengh, becuase as i said its the same adaptor, and the PC gets excellent strengh. And more than 1 wireless connection can be used as once cant it :S

    Any idea where i could be going wrong?

    Thank you :angel:
  2. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Weird problem, uhm... Having two system on wireless may slow it down. Try swapping the wireless usb adapter sticks around and see if this works. Good luck.


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