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Jul 7, 2006
  1. On one of my many computers I use a Wireless Internet Connection. My problem is that for like a month it never worked. I was thinking maybe it is because I move my computer to a new location but now I have reason to believe that is not the case. The icon on the bottom of the screen is showing that it found a connection, soon after it connects. But the problem is when I click and open it Packets are sent but not recieved, why? Also, I tried the repair feauture but Windows was unable to repair it (Unable to change IP address).

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  2. TypeX45

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    I see from the picture that you have the connection is firewalled. Have you tried turing your firewall off and seeing what happens. Also it might be the rules you have set for your firewall.
  3. HiJackThis1.99

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    Tried it.
    Turned it off-nothing.
    Turned it back on-nothing.
    Can it be that the new location of my computer is just not accepting packets?
  4. altheman

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    Post a screenshot of what the support tab info looks like.
  5. korrupt

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    By moving location do you mean within the same house or a new house with a new phone line?


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