Wireless internet problem or USB 2.0 compatibility with 1.0

By slimsoul
Feb 28, 2005
  1. Hi, i have purchased a netgear 54mbps router, a 54mbps pcmia card for a laptop and a 108mbps usb wireless adapter for my desktop, the laptop connects fine to the internet and router, and the PC connects to the router no problem with a signal speed ranging from 11mbps to 48mbps, but the internet on the PC has completely slowed up slower than dial up!!

    its USB 2.0 Device and my PCs USB is 1.0
    i am using xp pro without service pack 2

    could this be the problem or does it sound like a virus????
  2. Killer_Byte

    Killer_Byte TS Rookie Posts: 21

    When running a USB2.0 device in a USB1.0 port nothing runs differently except the speed the device can physically operate at.

    Do you use youe router to automatically assign IP details as i have come across thenm in the past blocking specific pc's out for no reason. Normally a simple router reboot fixes.

    Have you checked the USB stick on a different pc, just to check that it is fully functional. I would also try internet on the pc with a cable connection to the router ( however this is not always possible).

    You do not need to install windows XP SP2. It is just a resources hog. THe XP firewall is not good in it either, you pc will operate better with a free firewall of the web and even free antivirus such as AVG from www.grisoft.com.

    If you are concerned about a virus install and run a good program. With DSL you can afford to get updates automatically every day or so. It means you are more secure, I would also run a spyware scanner such as Spy Bot Search and Destroy or Adaware Remover.
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