Wireless Internet Recomomendations?

By zazazoom
Oct 9, 2006
  1. Hey all,

    I'm looking to setting up wireless internet for my girlfriend and I. She has a laptop and I have a desktop comp. I casually play video games and she does alot of web camming. Any recommendations? I don't know much about wireless networking/internet...I think we both need to purchase wireless ethernet cards..a wireless router? Or is it possible at all to have one wireless and the other one connected directly? I myself don't need the wireless but she does for her laptop...Please recommend! I'm clueless >_< :eek:

    I'm on Cable and I live in Canada...so stores like ncix or tigerdirect are good stores i can shop from...well futureshop or bestbuy..but usually they're staff don't know crap all about computers..all they care about is commission
  2. Rick

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    I don't have any particular recommendations, but here's some points I'd like to make.

    You're certainly better staying wired on your PC then. Wireless tends to be unreliable - especially in certain environments - and there's nothing more annoying than getting kicked in the middle of a game.

    Why yes it is.

    You may want to look into getting a router with good QoS (quality of service) features. Web cams chew up a considerable amount of bandwidth and can make your games crawl. Some routers allow you to prirotize certain ports, clients or types of data, so your games can still run well while your girl cams it up.
  3. korrupt

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    Also, your girlfriends laptop probably already has a quad band antenna so there probably isnt any need to be a wireless card. Some in-build antennas can be low quality though so a card may benefit you.


  4. tipstir

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    Head out to BestBuy and buy the Buffalo High Power G Router MINO. Buy anything else you need also. Or go on buy.com you can get the same stuff also. But go to BestBuy up ther in Canada first to see it first. Might be on sale or not. Linksys, Dlink, Belkin and Netgear is also sold there as to their own product.
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