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Mar 9, 2007
  1. Just recieved my new wireless card from Newegg 3 days ago. I installed the card in the kids computer (which is who it's for), but the computer wouldn't even see that new hardware was installed. I tried everything I knew how then tried the card in my new computer I built last summer, again with the same problem, the computer couldn't even see anything there.

    The card I bought is the ASUS WL-138G.

    Is there any way to get this card to work? Or did I simply recieve a bad item?

    Thanks, Joe
  2. nickc

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    well if u tell us what video card u are talking about we will probabally be able to help, and I mean a model (manufacture) and the model #. without which I can sure not help u although I know u have to have a driver for any video to work and if the preveous video was onboard that should be disabled.
  3. gavinseabrook

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    Sorry for him saying video card lol. Right click on Mycomputer, and select properties. Select the hardware tab and then click device manager. Right click anywhere (Not on an icon) in the device manager and select scan for hardware changes. See if it picks up. Also try moving it to a different PCI slot.
  4. nickc

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    yes I am sorry to, have u put the drivers on the computer?
  5. tipstir

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    Which wireless card did you buy?
    Did it come with CD to install drivers?
    Most of these type of cards come with paper or (PDF instructions on CD).

    Most brands tell you first to put the CD driver in and it should auto-start the setup program.

    Second mostly likely you have to shutdown the PC, unplug the power open the case and pick a spot in one of your PCI slots to install the wireless card.

    Tip# if you have around the house use a fabric sheet for the dryer and rub your hands with it to reduce static charge build-up before you go inside the PC.

    So you might want to take out the wireless card, then install the drivers first. Shutdown the PC, then install the card. When you start the PC up again Windows should detect the card and use the drivers.
  6. Sparky Joe

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    I have the card all repackaged and ready for RMA, but when I told Newegg of the problem they told me to keep the card and they gave me my money back.
    This is the first time I've had a problem, but this just points out how much I appreciate Newegg.
    I may try screwing with the card again tonight because I won't have any time tomorrow. I read on the box that this is a PCI 2.2 card, and another forum said this will have an effect? I had no idea or else I would've read the fine print.
    I would imagine that all PCI slots are backwards compatible? Are they?

  7. tipstir

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    Get the Buffalo High Speed Turbo 54G PCI card that's what I use on one desktop. Newegg has all the Buffalo wireless stuff.
  8. LinkedKube

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    did you have drivers installed for a previous card, if so uninstall them first then try again. I had an older asus board with that same card. Found the fix on the asus forums. goodluck
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