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Jan 18, 2005
  1. I have set up a wireless internet connection at home. I am having trouble connecting one laptop in particular. It is able to connent to the network with a good signal and even other computers on the network, but everytime I try to use Internet Explorer, I get "page not found". It doesn't seem to be able to connect to the internet at all. MSN and email on Outlook won't connect either. Interestingly, the same thing happens if I try an dial up on this computer. I also use this computer for work and it uses a direct cable ethernet connection sucessfully. Anyone else ever have this problem? Any help appreciated, I am tearing my hair out.

    Things I have tried.
    Turned all firewalls off - no luck
    Login with different user from work - no luck
    reset IP with ipconfig - no luck

    Belkin Wireless router
    Gateway 450 laptop
    Windows XP Pro

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  3. tripkebab

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    Ummm does your router connect to the internet or are you connecting through another computer via internet connection sharing?

    If connected directly to the net via the router make sure its set to act as a dhcp server and you laptop is configured to automatically detect a network address.

    But without specifics these problems are very hard to comment on as there different for each router.. MY netgear was acting up the other day and then after hours of mucking with the settings it just started working again on its own... They can be very tempremental.

    What usually works is resetting them to factory default and try connecting again.
  4. tam16827

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    My Router connects to the cable modem. It is acting as a DHCP server and the laptop has DHCP enable in the internet protocol. I will try resetting to the factory settings this weekend. I hope that helps. I was planning on doing this but mostly as a last resort. I guess I am there now.

    Thanks, Micheal
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    tam, i pretty much had the same problem with a linksys wireless router i bought, i could connect to my modem and i could sign on to aol & aim, but could not use internet explorer, i tried everything...finally exchanged the modem for a new one, and everything is perfect..
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