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Jul 3, 2007
  1. Ive networked a laptop wirelessly to my router using a Belkin access point, and it works fine.

    The problem is that the laptop goes all slow whenever its networked. As soon as i deactivate the wireless on the laptop, it runs fast again. Im using a new access point but i never got this problem with the old one (which was also Belkin)

    So my question is, why does the laptop run all slow whenever its networked? Its not just the internet thats slow - clicking something and other common tasks take ages.

    All help appreciated
  2. jobeard

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    should not be the case, but we need better description of the network.

    did you enable ICS and create a lan like this?
  3. tipstir

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    Are you using a Belkin WAP only access point they're were larger and did a good job to tap into a wired router network.

    On the laptop make sure you're using 54G performance mode and not 11b.
    On the laptop make sure you're using 100% power for internal wireless AnT.
    Depending on your laptop wireless configuration for the WLAN you have to see what you have in features? Using the wrong one can cause it to slow down.

    On the access point make sure frame burst is enabled. Some have 125Mbps High Speed Mode on newer Belkins.
  4. mr_newbie

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    Thanks for the replies

    Basically i have an Origo router connected to the PC with USB. A Belkin access point is connected to the router, which is how the laptop networks.

    Hmm...there are 2 options, 11mb and 54mb, and they are both ticked. Is that what you meant? Should i only tick the 54mb? It didnt make a difference anyway.
    I changed power mode to Maximum too but it didnt make a difference either.
    Also, there is no option of frame burst for the access point.
  5. tipstir

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    No option for frameburst? What do you have for options? Both the access point and the laptop would have to be set to 54G. Don't mix it.
  6. mr_newbie

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    Options for the wireless connection on the laptop:

    Wireless Mode: 11mb and 54mb are both checked
    Network type: Infrastructure - Short and Long
    Power Mode: Normal
    Power Utility: 100mw

    I changed the power from 100mw to 50mw and it seemed to make a difference. I decreased it to 30mw and i think it improved even more - still kinda slow though.
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