WIreless network problems

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Dec 24, 2004
  1. Hey guys !

    I set up my wireless network about a week ago. I have a linksys wireless b router... and a network everywhere wireless usb adapter. I have one computer attached by cat 5 to the router and my other computer is upstairs and is using the wireless usb adapter. I installed everything and it all seemed to be working fine. However i noticed that upstairs i couldn't use msn... it would constantly log out.. and i would also have trouble using counter-strike(online game)... I set up portforwarding for both programs and the problem bettered yet persisted. I can now play cs but there is a constant freeze ... every 3 minutes i lag for 20 seconds(it's actually that structured - every 3 minutes or so). Msn still constantly logs out and i receive few of the messages that are sent to me. I also noticed that ever two days or so i have problems and my wireless usb adapter can't find the network and i have to wait an hour or so before it reads the linksys... or i simply uninstall it and reinstall it and it works.

    Do you think perhaps the problem lies in the setup of the wireless usb adapter or it's simply ****. Should i buy a wireless pci ??? What can i try to make it work ??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Nodsu

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    You should try to play around with the position and orientation of the antennas instead.
  3. Crazymonkey

    Crazymonkey TS Rookie Topic Starter


    You're not serious ??? I really didn't think that could be an issue. I mean it does tell me that me signal strengh is excellent and the total distance between the router and the wireless adapter is some 6 or 7 meters. Do you think it would actually help if i place the router in a different position and reoriented the antennas ??
  4. Per Hansson

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    The short answer: yes ;-)

    If you ask I might look up a link but basically your wireless device might start interfering with it's own signal, you can verify this by simply putting your hand near it or placing it vertically if you have this problem...
  5. Crazymonkey

    Crazymonkey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright :)

    So i took your advice. I placed my router in a high and clear area. I also moved my wireless adapter to an area where i imagine less interference can occur. I guess i'll cross my finger and hope it works.
  6. Crazymonkey

    Crazymonkey TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Alright guys.... I'm super hyped up. The cs problem persists but is much lesser. IT only lags for some 5 seconds now. Msn is also better but the problem is still there. PLEASE More advice. I don't know how i can move my wireless adapter to a better position... i think it's as good as it can be.... same for the router. IS there anything else i can do ???

    THAnks again.
  7. RealBlackStuff

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    Your absolutely best bet would be to lay a Cat5 cable to that other PC. The distance is only 6-7 meter as you say, how hard can that be?
  8. kusta400

    kusta400 TS Rookie

    help me

    how did u configure ur wireless router, i have the same setup and i cant use msn and stuff like it. i know how to do port forwarding but could u show me, a screenchot or something. i also had the same problem with the connection, then i changed the channel on the router and it worked fine. pleez help me
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