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By harysman
Mar 23, 2006
  1. Thanks for everybody for previous notes.
    Howevr I have a new problem now. I purchase new Sony laptop with xp Prof. I can't set up this laptop to my wireless home network. 2 Laptops I already have in my wireless network, both of them have wind XP home, new laptop has a Wind. XP Prof. I can see my new laptop thru network, but I cant access to files. I'm sure there is some easy setting for my new laptop to be connected to other laptops thru wireless network,
  2. kms65

    kms65 TS Rookie

    A few suggestions:

    Make sure you have the same workgroup name for all computers, and that simple file sharing is enabled on the XP Pro machine. (Also, the files you are attempting to access must be designated as network shares.) Finally, make sure that Pro's guest account is enabled.

    (One more thought, make sure that none of your computers -- with the exception of your gateway -- are firewalled especially the ICF (Windows Firewall), which is turned on by default on SP2 systems.)

    This might help:

    Networking Differences Between XP Pro and XP Home

    1. XP Pro systems can join a domain; XP Home systems can't, which limits its use to home and SOHO environments because it can't use any corporate-specific features such as IntelliMirror.

    2. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.1 and Personal Web Server (PWS) are found only in XP Pro.

    3. Direct access to the Administrator account is available only in XP Pro. XP Home users must log on using Safe mode to access the Administrator account.

    4. XP Pro supports Remote Desktop, which is basically a single-user version of Windows 2000 Server Terminal Services. XP Home supports only Remote Assistance.

    5. Networking-related Group Policy Objects (GPO) are available only in XP Pro. XP Home supports no group policies.

    6. Microsoft Remote Installation Services (RIS) and Sysprep are supported only in XP Pro.

    7. The Network Monitor application is available only in XP Pro.

    8. The UI for IP Security (IPSec) is available only in XP Pro.

    9. SNMP support, Simple TCP/IP Services, the service access point (SAP) and Client Services for NetWare (CSNW) are available only in XP Pro.

    10. XP Home supports only simple file sharing. Detailed file-level security permissions such as those found in Win2K are available only in XP Pro, which also supports the simple file-sharing model that XP Home uses.

    11. XP Pro lets users limit the number of connections to shared folders and control user access by account. XP Home users access shared folders through the Guest account, which is disabled by default in XP Pro.

  3. harysman

    harysman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Many thanks, firewall was not configured.
  4. kms65

    kms65 TS Rookie

    Glad I could help. :)
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