Wireless Networking and ICC Problems

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Jun 9, 2006
  1. I have recently installed Wireless Cards and Wireless Router linking 3 pcs up.1 pc connects to the internet via Dial up - ISDN has Windows XP Prof with SP2, 2nd PC has a 2 OS namely ME and XP Professional, 3rd PC has XP Prof With SP2....All Pcs Ping each other and the Router but i cant get the internet Sharing right...
  2. Nodsu

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    So your internet connection is dialup on one of the PCs and you want to share that to others?

    What purpose does the router have? The router's DHCP server may be stealing clients from Windows ICS (Windows ICS runs its own DHCP server).
  3. jobeard

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    Dial-up access causes the ISP to assign a public IP address from a pool to
    your system just dialed-in. To get ICS running, you need a NIC in the same machine
    AND to create an IP address for it --
    this usually becomes automatically by enabling ICS.
    Sadly, a router frequently wants to use this address also for itself.
    To make it work, change the router's address to and
    set the WAN gateway to Let the router perform DHCP for
    all devices attached to it.

    All systems should be able to ping one another as well as your ISP.
    File/print sharing would also be possible, BUT THINK TWICE because
    you're on a public IP address and your firewall is all there is between
    you and the bad guys.
  4. kivso

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    Thank you
    And i was wondering why that pc (ICC host) was assigning that IP the whole time. I will try what you say. Why would one need to assign the router with that IP address???
  5. jobeard

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    well, ICS forcefully takes for itself and your router will need to
    be something else -- just that simple.
  6. kivso

    kivso TS Rookie Topic Starter

    All 3 Pcs have Windows XP with SP2.
    Workgroup = MSHOME
    Wireless Router Address=
    Wireless Router Access: UN = admin Password = nothing

    >Cant share files
    >Cant Share Internet Connection
    >Router assigns IP (As its set in DHCP) but sometimes, doesn’t ping it.

    Computer name: ZMK-2
    Diagnosis: On Start up it assigns its own IP address despite setting up as Assign IP automatically on the PC connected to the ISDN modem required for Dial up. This was explained by JoBeard
    Doesn’t want to share its Shared Docs despite setting Sharing
    Shares its files with all but doesn’t allow them to see or manipulate despite these advanced setting on sharing setup.
    Internet Connection via Dial up ISDN setup and works but wont share this despite ICCs setup

    Computer Name: ZMK-3
    Windows Firewall setup by 3rd party and a group policy was setup such that files cannot be shared…. Will this be able to Bypass cos I couldn’t.
    Shares its files but doesn’t allow access, I think due to Group policy.
    Web Browser (IE) cant access internet through ZMK-2

    Computer Name: ZMK-1
    >Shares its files with only ZMK-2
    >Web Browser (IE) cant access internet through ZMK-2

    >All Pcs see router
    >All PCs See each other but don’t allow sharing only on some of them
    >All PCs need an Anti-virus and i dont want to add this and cause problems later.

    ZMK-2 really needs to share files with ZMK-3 and ZMK-1 really wants to share Internet connection with ZMK-2

    I Will set the Router to, and see what happens.
  7. jobeard

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    your IP addresses are all over the map.
    you need ALL of them to be exactly alike in the first three numbers,
    eg 192.168.1.x
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