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Oct 26, 2006
  1. I've got a wireless network setup in my house and I have 3 room mates with computers and they want me to have it so we can share files... but for some odd reason no one can see anyone on the network. If I were to change it to a wired network we would be happily sending and receiving files all day long. Has anyone had any experience with this?
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    No. Your method of connection to your LAN has nothing to do with sharing files.

    If you can provide more details, we can help you further. :)

    What kind of computers? PCs? What version of Windows, XP?

    Just some general things to check... Keep in mind that firewalls on the computers can block sharing and the services which are responsible for making everyone's computer visible to others on the LAN, so disable any software firewalls while troubleshooting. Also, it will make things easier if you're in the same 'workgroup' as the other computers (If you're using Windows).
  3. mscott00

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    Three are laptops, one is a desktop and they are all running Windows XP Pro. All Have NOD32 as virus protection, and use nothing else except for the windows security center firewall. We have a Linksys Wireless router that we all connect to-
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    As Rick says, there ara some generals questions to share files, like beeing in the same workgroup all of you by: right click on My Computer/properties/pc name/change... and restart.
    Then you must share a folder by right click on the folder/security and shares, and in the properties of each wireless connection see if the share folders and pronters for Microsoft is installed.
    After then, you'll see if it works or not
  5. mscott00

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    Yes yes yes, everyone knows all that. We are all in workgroup, etc, etc, etc. we have shared folders but nobody can see each other. But what makes it even more interesting is when we are all WIRED we all happen to show up... I know my post count suggests im a newbie - but I work at a local college for web and tech support (NOT NETWORK SUPPORT... obviously) I'm just stumped by this one and haven't run across a similar problem yet..
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