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Sep 25, 2003
  1. I have 3 desktop PC's that I would like to network together. I do not have high-speed internet and each PC has its own pone line connection. All I want to network them for is to share files, share printers, and play multiplayer games. I read that you can just buy the wireless PCI ethernet cards for each PC and that you dont need a router if your not sharing broadband. Please tell me what hardware I will need to set up this type of network. Thank you.
  2. LNCPapa

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    You'll need an access point (WAP) with a built in switch. As far as I've seen pretty much all of the WAPs for the consumer market have one built in.
  3. conradguerrero

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    imo desktop computers do not need a wireless connection, unless u dont like wires running everywhere. however if you are planning on sending large files i would use a wire based network; however, if u plan on using a notebook computer then wireless should be fine, with lower speed, a (small) risk of someone entering your wireless network, and a increased cost.

  4. young&wild

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    What is your budget anyway? Perhaps by just giving us a rough figure might help alot allowing us to give better suggestions.
  5. Rick

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    Wired networks are faster than wireless and much less expensive... Keep that in mind. This greatly affects file sharing.

    There's a recent thread that brings up the possibility of wireless LAN not being fast enough for gaming, which may be a good point to stay away from WiFi. Also, WiFi is mostly useful for notebooks and expansive networks.

    If it is possible, I would choose a wired network. If your computers are going to be very far apart (like one upstairs.. One in the basement, one across the street..) then maybe WiFi would be a lot easier for you.
  6. desdgl

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    My PC's are pretty close(one is upstairs), my budget is about $75 and i think a wired network would be fine from what ive read.
  7. curtis

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    I think with that amount of money you should def go with a wired option. You could get a switch for about 60 bucks now most places or even get a router that has switching capabilities. they are around the same price. now i know you said you only want file sharing not internet sharing but since they cost the same price and do the same thing why not. then if you ever do want to share the net connection you can!! check out my upcoming articles i will be going into basic networking and also writing advanced papers for other people you might find some useful. Coming soon to a techspot near you.
    if you need any help with set up feel free to e-mail me.
  8. pinb@llz

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    a simple setup wireless system is BLUEGEAR from AMAZING TECHNOLOGIES.

    i've been using it for 2 years. never had a problem and it costs a little over a hundred bux.

  9. amnya

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    will be checking this product, hope it works for me
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