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Mar 26, 2007
  1. I have a client who needs to install a simple wireless network, however what is not simple is that the ADSL connection is about 1 mile from his house. Luckily we have clear line of sight to it with no obstructions. Basically he has been quoted over £4000 to have a phone line installed but a neighbour has agreed to host an ADSL connection for him.

    In order to achieve this I plan the following, if anyone sees any holes in this please let me know.

    At the ADSL point, I will install a stanard ADSL router which will then connect to a Linksys WAP54G Access point. Then we will replace one of the antenna with a D-Link ANT24-1800 which will be cabled through to the side of the house. The access point will be located within the house and the antenna outside, this will then blast the signal towards my clients house. Question: Could I do without the access point and use something like a US-Robotics 9108 as both the ADSL router and the access point and simply replace the antenna on this?

    At the recieving house I plan the following. A Linksys WAP54G Access point located within the house, this will provide an Ethernet connection to a standalone PC and wireless access point to a wireless laptop. We will replace one of the antennas on this with an outdoor antenna, I understand this doesn't need to be as powerful as the D-Link ANT24-1800 as the DLink will both send and recieve over a long distance.

    We are not concerned with ADSL access for anyone at the sending house as they don't have PCs at all. However if they were to get them we would supply wired access to the ADSL router and wireless via the Linksys WAP54G. We will use a secured encryption to secure access to the network.

    The only equipment that will be placed outside of the houses are the Antennas, the Access Points will be kept indoors.

    We selected the ANT24-1800 as it will provide more than enough coverage and believe more is better than not enough.

    Does this set up sound feasable. If not what else should I consider.
  2. Nodsu

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    Both stations will be sending and receiving data - this is a computer network, not broadcast TV or radio we are talking about here.

    When choosing devices, make sure they actually come with replaceable antennas.
  3. tipstir

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    Did you purchase the equipment yet? I would recommend you go with some other equipment from Buffalo Techology would be better. Since there MIMO G or N Wireless Routers are also Access Points also feature high power up to 100% with 4db gain ANT, you can get larger ones from them too.
  4. TurtleWebs

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    I have chossen these devices in part because they come with replaceable antennas so this isn't a concern.

    When I talk about sending and recieving houses I do this on the basis that one has an ADSL connection and the other doesn't maybe better terms may have been server and client or base station and remote client. My question is really would the larger antenna receive a signal from a smaller one over such a distance or do I require 2 high powered antennas.

    I haven't yet purchased the equipment but have again chossen these in line with what is easily and affordably available to us here in Turkey.
  5. Tedster

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    you would definately need a directional microwave antenna with decent amplification. This doesn't seem hard to do.
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