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Jul 12, 2005
  1. StormBringer

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    I wouldn't recommend either of those cards personally, but then again, what do I know, I just work with wireless networks every day. I'd recommend something from Linksys, Dlink or Netgear, in that order. I'd also recommend using a USB adapter rather than a PCI card. PCI cards tend to be less effective since the computer case tends to act as a large amount of interference. With a USB adapter, you have the ability to place the adapter a few feet away from the comp and get it in a place where it will get optimal signal. Again, thats just my professional opinion, so take it as you will.

    FYI: 802.11g is backward compatible with 802.11b, so any g card should be compatible with a b network, but will run at b speeds(11mbps) Also b cards should connect to g networks, but again, with b speeds.
  2. Nodsu

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    The Zonet one works in b networks too.

    TrendNET is a company with far better reputation than Zonet which is a maker of bottom-of-the-barel network interfaces.
  3. PhyGuy

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    what would provide me with the fastest internet connection/network browsing using a g AP. would it be a PCI card or a usb adapter (I'm thinking about the port speeds...)
  4. Nodsu

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    Your internet connection will be the bottleneck unless you have a really fast connection (>10Mbit/s) and you are using USB 1.1 port/device.
  5. PhyGuy

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    so your saying that a USB 1.1 device would provide me the best connection? and not a PCI card?
  6. Prozak

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    I think he is trying to say the internet connectio is your bottleneck, meaning it does not matter how fast your wireless access point is, or your client wireless device (usb, pcmcia, or pci); it will still be faster than your internet connection. The only internet that would be faster is a connection gauranteed to be higher than 11Mbps, roadrunner has a MAX of 5Mbps and DSL usually runs around 1.5Mbps depending on the package.

    So what I recommend is getting a PCI card for a desktop computer ( if you have an open slot for it), getting a PCMCIA wireless adapter for a Laptop (if it has a slot open for it), last ditch is to get a usb model. I have all three and the PCI and PCMCIA work the best, the usb model works alright but it tends to lose connections easier and is not as quick to pick them back up.

    Wireless B- good option if your just using your wireless for internet
    Wireless G- Better option if your transfering file between computers over your wireless as well as using the internet.
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