Wireless router/adsl modem problems

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Jul 26, 2007
  1. I am trying to replace a wireless router that blew up with a linksys WRT54G. We use a US Robotic 9015 Adsl modem. When we set up the linksys router with the supplied software the router seemd to set up correctly but we cannot connect to the internet.
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    At what part is it failing, go into the router settings and check that your user name and password is correct.

    If need be re run the software setup and make sure you havent missed anything.

  3. nerdboy1

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    Hi - thanks for your reply.
    The router settings seem to be OK and the software passes through the "checking your router settings" phase seemingly without any problems. After that it tries to test the internet connection and that's where it falls over. Without the router in the way, connecting to the internet through the adsl connection works just fine.

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    once configured,
    1. power off all devices, wait 30sec, then
    2. power up the adsl modem, let it stablize
    3. then power up the router.
    I've seen this before with ADSL services
  5. nerdboy1

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    Thanks - I have sorted it. The IP address for the wireless router and adsl router were the same. Changed the wireless IP and disabled the dchp server on the secondary router.
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