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Feb 20, 2007
  1. I have 2 desktops and a laptop at home. The desktops are connected to my router(DI-624) and the internet works perfectly. when i setup for wireless, my laptop is not picking up the SSID (the laptop works fine when its wired directly into the router). This is really strange because i can pick up my neighbor SSID. I did a reset of the router couple of times and also made the SSID broadcast with no security. I spend 2hrs with DLink Techsupport and they didnt get me anywhere and finally after 2hrs they send me to a level 10 techy which after every 3mins the wait time increased. so i gave up.

    Laptop wireless is a Broadcom and i also have wireless on one of my desktops (DLINK wireless). i used the dlink utilitly on my desktop to find SSID and no hope there. This started about 2 months ago and i think someone in the neighborhood is using the same router as me and could have some channel conflicts.

    Is there anything else i should try?
    Oh and i downloaded the latest Firmware and still no joy :(
  2. jobeard

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    would appear you could have found this easily via google.com
    I queried with the string "dlink DI-624 default SSID" and found
    HOWEVER, you should use a wired connection and that IP address in your browser
    and set it to something unique to you, ensure broadcasting is ON, and
    for the moment at least, encryption is off.
  3. Renosh

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    Yup by default the SSID name = default and channel 6. do you mean to have the laptop wired to router and then insert the ip manually (Use the following IP address Tab) and try going wireless and see if the SSID could be picked up?

  4. jobeard

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    put the IP address into your browser, login and then
    access the wireless setup potion to set a NEW SSID. Save the results and
    restart the router.

    disconnect the router-laptop wire and activate your wireless adaptor and
    view Network Connections
  5. Renosh

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    Thanks JoBeard for helping me out. I have tried all this. i even reset it and also unplugged both my modem and router power-supply and started it up after 5 mins. i logged in and changed the SSID to a new one and removed the old SSID from my laptop and looked for the new one. i did this 3 times.
    I checked the wireless log and it says its Transmitting but not receiving, but for some reason its not seeing the SSID when my laptop is searching for new networks. I am thinking its defective cuz i had it since 2002, but my last hope is to maybe change the channels in the router and manually input it on my laptop. Hopefully i dont have to go buy another wireless router :(
  6. jobeard

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    You need to determine which which component is failing. If the laptop sees
    your neighbor's, then it's highly likely your router is now failing -- sorry :(
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