Wireless Small office Internet broadband connection.Limited connectivity

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Dec 13, 2004
  1. About a 2months ago, I set up a small office internet broadband connection, consisting of 5 computers, connected to a Netgear router adsl. The managers PC is hardwired into the router.There is WEP hex secruity enabled and it is Open, and the router has been setup so that the controlled access list of machines isnt enabled so any PC can connect to it easily.

    hardware wise, it's quite a mix...the router is netgear, 2 of the new machines have got belkin wireless cards fitted (includes mine), and the others are netgear Everyone is running windows xp sp2.

    Everything was working fine, and connection speeds were great. But since last week one of the computers is reporting the message "limited or no connectivity" This machine has a Netgear wireless antenna card fitted and is using Windows xp to configure it. I found the software that came with the card was buggy with service pack 2, so i didnt install it, but purely installed the driver, and it was working fine until last week.

    There are no firewalls installed. I have checked the WEP code and it is correct, i've checked TCP settings and imitated what I have for mine, apart from where it says "IP address" Subnet mask default router and prefferred DNS is the same. I have tried setting it to get IP address automatically but it still gives me that limited connectivity. Have tried getting on the internet with the "problem PC" but it doesnt work and says page cannot be displayed. I typed ipconfig on it, and it gives me it's IP address as all the other IP addresses start 192. I dont know if that is part of the problem.
    I'm tearing my hair out, trying to solve this. Any ideas or fixes please would be appreciated.thanks in advance.
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    169... IP address gets assigned when Windows can't get one from the DHCP server.

    You either have the encryption settings wrong or the wireless card/drivers are bad.

    You should try disabling the encryption temporarily. Also, try swapping the Netgear adapters between Netgear-using machines (if the cards are the same type) to rule out bad hardware.
  3. MrDJ009

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    Renew your IP address

    The incorrect IP address is the likely problem. When installed wireless cards have a default IP address. Since I presume you have your router set up for DHCP server mode (not static DHCP). Thus, the router assigns the IP address, which overrides the default. You will have to simply renew the IP address for the wireless card (i.e. issue a request for the DHCP server to reassign an IP) . I'm not sure how to do this on Win-XP but on Win98 and WinME there is a program called winipcfg.exe. It provides a pop-up of all network adapters in the machine. One of the button options is "renew". By clicking this button the correct IP address from the router is refreshed--until the next time that this problem happens. Try running this program on your XP machine (Start ---> Run). If Microsoft didn't port it to XP you will have to find out how to accomplish same under XP.

    Hope this helps. :cool:
  4. Nodsu

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    That is just wrong..
  5. MrDJ009

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    It works on my computers. I have encounterd this problem with several recent wireless card installations.
  6. evansweb

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    welcome to aegis

    maybe better then late then never. This problem has plagued me for a looong time..finally I found the answer! Use the steps provided at this site and poof! you are running!

    aegis instructions

    let me know if this helped you..... g'luck

    perhaps Tspot could get a aegis forum running......
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