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Oct 21, 2003
  1. well im a noob at this networking stuff so im just asking... im buying a new comp very soon and i was wondering how i could use cable internet using one modem thats currently connected to this comp. i know that u can use usb cat-5 port things watevers (lol) and connect that to the cable modem but i want a "wireless" usb port becuase i want the other comp in a diff room. sorry if this sounds stupid but can someone show me how to install one of these and the hardware i need, to do all of it. or u can tell me wat to exactly buy... like links to the actually products :D sorry... im stoopid
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    ok i read the arcticle and understood some things but still didnt understand certain things so i think i should go with the Wireless 802.11b plan using a Access Point type of wireless router thats limits me to 54mbs i have 2 questions one is that wat is 54 mbs like... i mean i jsut want a regular broadband connection to the net like the one im using now... so lets say im Playing CS on this comp with 40 ping would that ping become alot higher due to the use of a wireless router instead of being directly connected? and if i buy one of those wireless access point routers would i need to buy ne thing else?
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    latency is not the same as bandwidth
    the 54 mbs is the fastest possible, u will most likely not experience that speed, if u are serious about online gaming then go with a wired network, 802.11 doesnt cut it imo

    i would imagine that you would experience a larger ping with a wireless network

    also wireless costs a lot more than wired networks of the same speed etc

    ALSO 54Mbs is not 54MBs

    54 megabits vs 54 megabytes

    network lingo uses a bit instead of a byte 1 byte is equal to 8 bits so a 54 Mbs network is really running at speed 54Mbs = 6.7 MBs

    there are some faster wireless networks out there but i know nothing about them sry

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    802.11b is 11Mbps (About 9x faster than DSL), 802.11g is 55Mbps (Half the speed of a typical wired network, 40x faster than DSL).

    I imagine a USB wireless has a higher latency than a wireless card, so you might want to consider that. I also imagine wireless has a higher latency than a wired network period. So that is something else to consider.
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    I have a netgear 4 port switch with 2 main puters hooked directly to it then 802.11g access point hooked to it then other 3 puters scattered thorgh out the house connected to cable that way.IMO its the cheapest easiest way and havent had any problems
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    ok see i have the comp and the cable modem downstairs in the office... and i want internet access thats just as fast in my upstairs room... the closest cable wall outlet from my room is at least 30-50 feet away(unless i just let the cat-5 line rome around the floors of my house) same as the phone outlet thats 30-50 feet away... so i really dont know wat to do except think wireless unless i break some walls or something :D
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    Well I know there is a way to use your electrical outlet in your house to create a broadband connection.

    It is called homeplug networking.

    Here is a site that talks a little bit about it.
    You can also check out www.homeplug.org for more information
    This is the lynksys site with their products.

    If you have more questions feel free to ask.
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