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Mar 26, 2006
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    Hi wonder if anyone can help? Iv'e just aquired a dell c600 and wish to go wireless, i have a BT Voyager 105 usb modem on my PC and a D-Link 802.11b wireless router and a card for my laptop. Problem is i don't know how to connect them, im new to all this tech stuff. The router only has ethernet connecters on it but my AOL modem only has a usb lead !!! Does this mean i have bought the wrong router or do i have to get a new DSL modem?
  2. danswebs

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    You have two options

    1. Buy a new router with inbuilt ADSL modem
    2. Set up the internet on one computer and allow it to be shared over a network, downside to that is that that computer has to be on to have the internet wireless over the network.
  3. steve67474

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    hate to disagree danswebs but if it is a router then it will give out IP adresses so the wireless can access the internet even if the other is down. as long as adsl router is up and running. Now if it was a wireless AP then thats different.

    Hope this helps Regards
  4. steve67474

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    Soz danswebs re read your post and u r right u gave 2 options not one. I must pay more attention :eek:
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    You may not be able to use a router. Check EXTREMELY careful that any new equipment is AOL compatible!
    Best thing really would be to get rid of AOL altogether and start using a proper ISP that does not require you to use that crap AOL bloat/software. That way you can use any router/modem hardware you wish!
  6. rustyrusty

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    Very Greatfull

    Thanks for your suggestion, I will of course look into trying another more grown-up ISP but in the meantime i have purchased an ADSL modem with ethernet connectors so that i can use web in the short term wireless of course. Since this is all new to me any ideas which ISP is worth looking at, i currently download 24/7 due to unlimited downloads with AOL Silver, i'm all for upping the ante now the skies the limit EH!! :angel:
  7. RealBlackStuff

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    Assuming you are in the UK, look for an ISP that has 8MB broadband (ADSL2), they are starting to crop up all over the place. I live in another country, so can't give advice about you local suppliers.
    But check out www.v21.co.uk who have 8MB for £11.98/mo.
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