wireless xbox netwwork

By climbamtn
Jan 3, 2004
  1. i have 2 linksys 802.11g routers(one with dhcp disabled making it an accesspoint) each with the linksys 802.11b signal booster (toms hardware recomended/reviews compatability) and each have low gain aftermarket antenna. one is on my roof in a tupperware, the other is in a window facing the other direction. there are 14 xboxes on that network(no internet) in 11 houses. all the houses have microsoft wireless 802.11g game adapters, all but 5 xboxes are wirelessly conneted.
    if one of the xboxes hardwired to the routers hosts the games there are no issues(unless it rains hard) but if i am not home and others want to play that are only connected wirelessly there is lag some or maybe most times. if some one wirelessly hosts a game there is usually some lag even if a hard wired xbox is playing. we are all on channel 11 both routers are on the same network and have the same ssid and channel. any idea how to make it a more lag free game if i am not home to host the games?
    there is no wep encryption, no internet so nothing to steal. all the firmware has been updated. any insite on how much bandwith is needed to play Halo over the network? or if the devices are looking for a better connection? how can i check to make sure i have the optimal set up other than where i place the antenna for best signal?
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