Wiring multiple outlets to one cat 5E cable

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Jul 24, 2008
  1. Complete newbie needing assistance. Not sure which forum to post or if I am using correct terminology.

    Looking for help with a network wiring question. I am running Cat5E cable through my rental home. Have to go in the crawl space. I have one room as an office with the router. From here I will have a wall plate with 4 rj45 sockets. Each socket will go to one other room. I wish to run just one cable to each of the other rooms but have two outlets in each room so we can change the computer location if desired. So essentially I wish to know how to wire multiple outlets in a single room from one cable. The intention is to have only one computer in each room but to have two outlets to choose from when plugging it in. Any and all information is appreciated.
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    That's what hubs are for.
    1 in --> many out

    The 1 in, can be already coming from a router multi port
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    Sounds like you need to put out a call for a CT (communications technician).

    I have never seen a spliced connection. Cable is relatively cheap. You want 8 jacks (4 rooms, 2 per room)? Add 4 more jacks to the panel serving the router.

    Another way the accomplish your vision is to create a patch connection in each served room. Line from router panel connects to a duplex panel on one RJ45 jack. The second jack runs the line across the room to a single RJ45 jack. This line is active only when patched at the duplex panel.

    Wireless - this is an alternative.
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    I already have a router with 5 ports in my"office" I wish to plug these ports into my wall where I have already started to string long lengths (20 feet) of cat 5E cable to the other rooms in the house. In these other rooms I wish to have multiple wall outlets. I have attempted this once already using 568A straight through standard.
    I attempted it like a telephone connection. you know splicing the one outlet to the first attaching all the same coloured wires together. Neither wall outlet would work. I kept experimenting (while crawling in a dusty 2 foot high crawl space) and eventually managed to get 2 outlets to work off of one cable coming from one port in the router. But to do this I had to leave the blue, blu&white and brown strands disconnected. I was hoping to get some sort of wiring diagram so I could wire the wall outlets in each of the four other rooms as described in my first post.

    Two wall outlets from one cat 5E cable coming from and individual port on a 5 port router.

    If it makes a difference the router is a linksys BEFSR41 hooked up to a comcast cable modem. I believe this is irrelevant, as this has mor to do with actual wires and the connections and splicing in an extra outlet.

    I am not trying to have two computers in the same room using the same port, I just wish to have two wired wall outlets from the same port. You know if the desk is placed on the north west wall and you hook up to the nearest wall outlet, but then a new bed is purcahse aand it only fits on that wall so you re configure the room and now the desk is on the south east wall and hooking up to outlet 2.

    I do not want to use a wireless router, so please no suggestions for one.

    Thank You.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. As the nuisance of crawling into this space under the house is a pain, and it is a rental, I am trying to do this on a budget. Wiring 8 outlets in my office then stringing 8 different cables to 8 different jacks is rather a pain.

    Am I to assume that you cannot splice in an outlet to the existing outlet?

    Sorry for not spell checking the previous post.
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    As you experienced, the spliced connection had troubles.

    Draw out my verbal description. It is 1-to-1. One computer accessable in each room.

    Router, jack 1 wired to room 1 jack A
    Room 1, Jack B wired (in the crawl) wired to Jack C.

    Jack A active to serve computer connected here .

    Jack A patched to Jack B. Move computer to Jack C.

    Google 'cat 5e' to find information about the 2 standards, and observing lead lengths for twisted wire pairs.


    I could not re-discover the topic at the 2nd link - but it may be a secondary reference here.

    [edit] http://www.derose.net/steve/guides/wiring/index.html [/edit]

    [edit] patch cable is short length of cat5e cable with RJ45 plugs on each end. [/edit]
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