Wirless Network Issues D-link

By UnderScore
Jan 26, 2005
  1. Hello all this is the first post I have made. I just installed a wireless network in my home. I am using D-link products in the form of Wireless network cards, routers and access points. I am recieving very good signals 90% plus in link quality. Any way I have a server hardwired to the router and am able to access the internet with out any issues. I am running Windows 2K Server on it, and running windows 2k pro on the 5 pcs in my home. I am unable to access the internet from any of the workstations in my home other than the server hard wired. I can ping the router from each of the PC but get no access to the internet. I assume that it is a small issue that I am missing, any help any of you can provide would be most appreciated.

  2. Nodsu

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    How are your computers' network settings set up? How are the workstations and the server different?

    Can you ping the server from workstations?

    Two things to check:

    run "ipconfig" from Windows command line - the gateway should be the IP address of your router.

    run "nslookup" from command line and see what it reports as the server. It should be either your router or the nameserver of your ISP.
  3. UnderScore

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    I am able to ping the router... I don't know what changed but when I turned it on in the morning I was able to connect to connect to the internet from all my pcs. ... Now I have a different issue. For some reason I am not able to connect to the internet at times. . I maintain my link quality on the wireless PCs.. but when I open IE it says detecting proxy settings.. when this occued I went to my server which is hard wired to the router and found that I recieved the same message...... any suggestions how to stop this from happening...... Thanks again
  4. Nodsu

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    Tell IE not to detect proxy settings automatically. Set it to no proxies.

    If you have problems with IE can you still ping the router, the server, internet sites?
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