With Time Warner investment, Hulu will host all Turner networks on its upcoming live TV service


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Time Warner has agreed to buy a 10% stake in Hulu for a reported $583 million, joining Disney, Comcast and Fox as partners behind the online streaming video service -- the latter three own a 30% stake each. This new investment would value Hulu at nearly $6 billion and sets the stage for the company’s move into live TV streaming next year.

Hulu currently offers on-demand streaming of many popular TV shows the day after they're broadcast. But the service is adding a live TV option too, and with today’s announcement it is getting a lot more channels. As part of the deal, Time Warner has said that channels including TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network and Turner Classic Movies will be available live on Hulu’s upcoming live TV video service -- rumoured to cost $40 per month.

Unlike programs from Hulu’s other owners, however, the Wall Street Journal reports that full current seasons of shows from all of Time Warner’s networks won’t be available on demand for Hulu’s existing $7.99 or $11.99 a month service.

The deal also doesn't include content from Tome Warner-owned HBO, which launched its own standalone service last year. But there have been “conversations about HBO gaining carriage on Hulu and talks are expected to continue.”

Currently, Hulu has about 12 million subscribers between its $7.99 per month service with limited ads and a $11.99 per month commercial-free subscription. It also lets US consumers stream its catalog free with advertising.

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Uncle Al

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So, when they finally DO get around to telling us what those extra charges will be .... shall we consider that to be the "hulu hoop"? OK, hey its been awhile since I launched a pun and this one might be a bit overdue!


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Does anyone honestly care about live TV anymore, aside from sports and news? What's the benefit other than total cost vs cable service? Cost per channel is going to be higher though I suppose most people won't care. I can agree there as long as I have all the channel/content I actually want to watch. Hulu has such wasted potential right now.


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I subscribe to ad hulu now, but will not consider paying $40/mo for the "live" service. I see such attempts at overpricing like this as an attempt on the part of content providers to move their content model to streaming and continue gouging their customers in the process. I did not cut the cord just to jump on cable or satellite by another name.