WLAN - troubles

By albe
Apr 27, 2006
  1. Dear friends, I try to post this question here... hope that someone can help me.
    I'm talking about a wireless router 54Mbps (Atlantis)...
    very often there is a fall of performance (meanwhile falls from 54 to 18/6/...1 Mbps with obvious impossibility to use internet and see other PC in LAN, and also as signal, from max to min, to "impossible communication")...
    I have few PC with XP Pro OS and very high performance: LAN is composed max of three PC (not too many for WLAN).
    What I cannot understand is that generally works very well for one / two days, then suddenly stops working.
    Tried all: upgraded drivers three dd ago: worked in wonderful way for two days only, now have to connect with physical LAN to make it work... again.
    Called the hardware house, but after several tests they didn't understand.
    Another info is that often I try the same PC in airports, eg. Amsterdam: okay, in airports there are many users, and performance of their router depends on how many... but the effect is exactly the same: very good, very bad, nothing at all...
    Also very strange that two portable PC with same Intel WLAN have same effect...
    tried to consider the router, which could be the "K factor" (all PC with same defect?)... but its performance seems quite good...
    only note that sometime "auto-switches-off" the led of PPP, and sometimes is "irregularly blinking" the led of WLAN... (like uncertain, not fixed)...
    about PC what to say? one is 1 year old, the other is of last January 2006... both new: don't think both of them have same defect...
    Just about PC I've to say that sometimes, when it's impossible to connect, a message says "impossible to connect with connie LAN"... ?? I never had a LAN called connie!! for this reason I'm guessing there is something wrong in the cache... but my experience is not so sophisticated...
    Only idea (back to study the font, WLAN router) is that we have the radio controlled alarm, and that thsi could send some signals that badly affect the router... isn't it?
    Frankly, after three months of test I really don't know what to think... wish to "down-grade" to wired LAN, which is still the most safe way... but also would like to solve the mistery first!
    Any idea please? we made 1000 trials: the 1001 could be the solution!
    Bye and thanks in advance: any sort of reply could be helpful, please try! at least it'd be helpful for my moral!
    Mauro (ciao from Italy)
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  3. albe

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    Thank You... I'll try, even if we use 4 finders for tracking c., and Norton antivirus... I'll post an updated reply once fnished with viruses check.
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