wmimgmt.msc missing

By denisl
Jan 8, 2006
  1. I put in my winxp install cd and selected the install components option to try and see if anything was missing (my "remote" tab is missing from my computer properties and I cannot remote desktop to my PC). I selected a couple of things and when the copy of files started I get an error message stating that windows cannot find wmimgmt.msc and wanted the path to the file.

    I started the "Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extentions" service and it made no difference.

    Is wmimgmt.msc something I can download and install? Could the be the root cause of my "remote" tab being missing?

  2. gerardbrand

    gerardbrand TS Rookie

    Sorry my native tongue is not English.
    I've got the same troubles and was looking for an answer.
    It has to do with the interface
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