Wolfenstein Frame Rate Fixed Problem

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Anyone have any other suggestions than what I did for Ravellidar? I'm not that smart with gaming problems.
This is a conversation we had on IRC

[01:23] <Ravellidar> Alrigty....I got Wolfenstein back in late December
[01:23] <Ravellidar> I install it just like any other game. I know the Q3 engine very well too
[01:24] <Ravellidar> My specs are Athlon XP 1600+ with a Geforce 3 and an Via KT266 board and all
[01:24] <Ravellidar> So I go through the deal with the latest drivers for each
[01:25] <Ravellidar> Got the Via 4.37 and the Audigy updates and all. And everyone knows the deal with Nvidia boards and finding the driver set that works with your system and all
[01:25] <Ravellidar> So finally I got everything just the way my computer likes it.
[01:26] <Ravellidar> I load up Wolf and set it up at 1024x768 with max detail....cause we know Geforce 3's are more than able to handle that
[01:26] <Ravellidar> Then I start messing with my wolf.cfg
[01:27] <Ravellidar> I know that hunkmegs and all that allocate a certain amount of ram. I set that to 192
[01:27] <sngx1275> everythign cool @1024x768 before you play with wolf.cfg?
[01:27] <Ravellidar> Soundmegs too. I set that at 32
[01:27] <Ravellidar> I figure I am rockin.
[01:27] <Ravellidar> Then just to be sure, I set my /com_maxfps to 200 so it wouldnt limit my framerate
[01:28] <Ravellidar> I make sure that my v_sync is off in both my driver page, and in the wolfenstien options
[01:29] <Ravellidar> Then I start playing and type in the cg_drawfps 1 command and it says 43
[01:29] <Ravellidar> I am like WTF????
[01:29] <sngx1275> lol
[01:30] <Ravellidar> So I check to see if its the same outside as in the hallways, and it says at 43 as if its capped off that way or something
[01:30] <Ravellidar> No matter where I am whether running through empty halls or fighting in that forest level, it stays at 43 as if it cannot go higher
[01:31] <Ravellidar> So I figure to myself, that the refresh rate bug was only a bug that limited my framerate to 60. You know what I am saying right?
[01:31] <sngx1275> was everythign cool before before you edited wolf.cfg?
[01:31] <Ravellidar> It would set your monitor to the default refresh rate of 60z
[01:31] <sngx1275> yeh
[01:32] <Ravellidar> Yeah, It was fine and all before I touched my wolf config
[01:32] <Ravellidar> It loaded up and played and all
[01:32] <sngx1275> what happens if you change it back to way it was
[01:32] <Ravellidar> But I couldnt for the life of me figure why it would choose 43. I would figure it would choose 60 or 85 or something
[01:34] <Ravellidar> Thats the kicker. Whether I play at 800 by 600, 640 by 480 or even go up to 1280 by 1024, it would always choose that magic number of 43
[01:34] <sngx1275> ha, what happens when you change wolf.cfg back to normal? have you tried that?
[01:35] <Ravellidar> Yeah, I deleted my wolf config and let it create its own and it would choose 43 to run it at and stay capped at that
[01:35] <sngx1275> the one it creates is the same one before you changed anything?
[01:35] <Ravellidar> Then I completely uninstalled the darned thing and reinstalled
[01:36] <Ravellidar> No, it creates the default from the cd when you delete it
[01:36] <Ravellidar> But the best part of this is coming up man. Let me finish bro:)
[01:37] <sngx1275> alright, I have a suggestion but it might change :)
[01:37] <Ravellidar> I start thinking this has to be something about that refresh rate thing I read about, but that makes people display stay at 60
[01:38] <Ravellidar> So I choose to look at my refresh rate anyway, and I see it there in plain sight at being at 85hz
[01:38] <Ravellidar> I wonder why would it choose 43 when the thing is at 85
[01:39] <Ravellidar> So I do a little math in my head and figure out that that is exactly half of my damned refresh rate
[01:39] <Ravellidar> Why would it do this?
[01:39] <sngx1275> yeh 42.5 + 42.5 = 85
[01:39] <Ravellidar> Well not exactly half LOL!! Give or take .5 for rounding up :)
[01:39] <sngx1275> ok, have you uninstalled. restarted. opened up regedit searched for any keys that deal with Wolfenstein, and/or whatever company makes the game
[01:39] <sngx1275> then restarted
[01:39] <sngx1275> then reinstalled
[01:40] <sngx1275> after searching for keys deleting them of course
[01:41] <Ravellidar> Ah, no I didnt think about deleting registry keys. I am kinda antsy about messing with my registry if its not of dire need, but i guess this would call for it
[01:41] <Ravellidar> I will do that and get back to you
[01:41] <Ravellidar> Tomorrow after work I will see about the registry keys
[01:41] <sngx1275> I've had stuff needed to be deleted before before I got things workign again. um, you can be safe with deleting stuff if you take a good look at the path
[01:42] <sngx1275> if it seems iffey on if you need it or not keep it
[01:42] <sngx1275> and see if problem is still there
[01:42] <sngx1275> if not = golden
[01:42] <sngx1275> if problem is still there you have to hope you are right.


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Whereever you go.. There you are.

There are two possibilities I can think of. There is some sort of outside force controlling Ravellidar's refresh rate or some setting is really chewing up the CPU which would give reasonably consistent FPS regardless of grapics card performance.

Try uninsalling and reinstalling the game.. Remove all registry settings and config files.

To see if it really IS the refresh rate, change the refresh rate in DirectX using a program or the dxdiag utility. Start/Run/dxdiag.exe
Choose, "More help" and then chooose "Override". Set the refresh rate to something lik 60 and see if it changes in the game.
If it changes, then you should either try uninstalling and reinstalling the video drivers or use a third party program to control the refresh rate.

On the other hand, 43 isn't all that bad. I'm sure it is a consistent 43fps, which would make it run very decent visually. It could always be totally unplayable and that wouldn't be very fun. ;)


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Well wouldnt you know........

I feel lucky to say I have been playing RTCW tonight at 1280 x 1024 at between 70 and 90 frames a second with anisotropic filtering(only 2x..hehe). I unistalled, deleted my Wolfenstein folder, deleted reg keys, reinstalled, and set it for quality and was amazed to see it run so fast. Thank you SNGX1275 and Rick for the suggestions. In all the uninstalling and reinstalling I did when working with it before, I never thought about the registry. I appreciate it.

By the way... you are right. I cant really tell a bit of difference between a constant 43 frames per second and the 70 to 90 I am getting now. They were both really smooth. It just kinda irked me to see that 43 frames per second sitting there constantly as if it was locked there hehe.


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Glad to hear you got it fixed. Glad I could actualy help someone with a gaming problem too. (I never can help out in gaming forums)
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