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I've searched high and low for an answer to my question:

What kind of bandwidth do you need to successfully run a server for Return to Castle Wolfenstien on one computer and play on that server on another computer? I have two very capable systems and a cable modem connection with a d-link 704 router/gateway. I've tried many combinations only to get serious lag after more than 4 people join.



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Cable modem speeds vary widely place to place. It could be that at the time your playing there are also 100 other people using the same connection you are. Try a more personalized and single person acess, like DSL.

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Also note that a good amount of RAM is key for servers. I wouldn't suggest anything less than 512MB of RAM for the server machine (Even for 4 people). Also, for 4 people, no less than 512Kbits per second (64KBytes) upload speed.


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You can probably get away with 10kb/sec upload per person if you have a stable connection. This translates to 40kb/sec for 4 people. This in turn requires a 160kbs upstream/downstream. This is cutting it very tight, mind you and it's just for 4 people.

It's a good idea to have bandwidth to spare, but you should also focus on latency. Try some modem tweaking guides and see if you can lower your latency and raise your throughput a notch. This may help you.
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