By wolfius
Aug 16, 2006
  1. Wasabi everyone,
    I just signed up on this website so I thought I'd introduce myself...I'm tech freak, I love gadgets and new wierd inventions and I have a sister called didi.. lol Im just kidding, well I just wanted to say hi to everyone and please forgive me because I am going to ask aloooooooot of question about PC. My friends say that I'm Digitaly Haunted lol because I get the wierdest problems with my PCs. I have 2 PCs, 1 of them is called the Haunted Mansion and the other one is my new babe. Im not gonna mention anything about the first one cuase I took it to Canada, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and no one could figure out how ot fix it to the point I changed everysingle piece of hardware in the PC it totaly changed like 3 times so its worth 3 PCs by now lol so I thought I would just buy a new one, and now the new one is only 2 months old and its going loco loco...Oh well thats the price of high tech...
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