wondering if anyone can help :) (burning avi to dvd)

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Apr 7, 2005
  1. wondering if anyone can help :)

    This is probably a really stupid question, but it's a burning at me all the same... I just bought a new DVD burner today and apparently it's fantastic (according to the guy that sold it to me). I got it home and figured out with all of the applicable software installed, however... I really want to burn files that I already have on my computer (video files: avi to be exact) and I would like to know if I can simply burn them onto the disc using Nero OEM or do I have to shrink the file using DVD Shrink, as I would have to do if I was backing up a DVD??? Thanks a bundle! :eek:
  2. SNGX1275

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    Unless your dvd player can handle divx files (I'm assuming that is what those avis you mention are) you are going to have to convert them to mpeg2, as that is the format dvds are in.
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    I never figured out how to convert FILES to DVD in DVD-Shrink. Their tutorials are a blank webpage.

    Google TMPGEnc, get it and its DVD version. Use TMPGEnc to convert avi to mpg, then TMPGEnc DVD to convert mpg to DVD, then burn the video files with Nero.

    LG DVD burners come with Nero and Cyberlink producers gold, FWIW.
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    You do need an application for rendering. I stand behind all Ulead products. Video Studio is less than a hundred bucks and it's got basicly everything from capture, to edit, to overlay, to render, and to DVD authoring. It's very basic and easy to use. For certain a starter software package.
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    I've been using a great program called DVDSanta and it converts avi and many other files to DVD in about 1 and a half hours and then asks you if you want to burn it to your DVD burner which takes an additional 25 minutes or so. I love this program cause it's very user friendly. It also burns image files (ISO). It cost's 29.95 but there are many places to find it for free. If you use bittorent then torrentspy is one of them. Good luck.
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    Also try WinAVI Video COnverter...it'll let u convert virtually anything to anything (Video anyway) make sure if u do use it though that u click Batch media files to convert otherwise if u don't have their DIvx Avi Decoder thing it won't let u do it and they tell u to go to Divx.com to Download it for free and I am still yet to find it anywhere on that website...
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    Before you go out and buy a bunch of Software- you stated you have Nero OEM .If that is version 6.+ ,then you probably have (or can have) everything you need.
    Spend some time at Nero's web site.
    There is no advantage to loading a lot of different programs unless your into some serious rendering.
  8. TDawg

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    Also Winavi Video converter is free...if u know about torrents ;-)
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