won't run sybot or trend houscall

By froehle
Dec 21, 2005
  1. My pastor brought me his computer. It seems to be in an infinite look in IExplorer. Trend Housecall will not run and Spybot instantly says nothing is wrong. AdAware SE says it removed vx2 using the add in and many other things, but couldn't get rid of surfside 3 for a while.

    I've tried these in regular and safe mode for win2000 pro.

    Here is the Hijackthis log file

    please help,
  2. Tedster

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  3. froehle

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    I followed your directions.

    Here are the results.

    Eliminated all cookie's but found a folder called "image.IMAGE-ZHX27M7PR"
    It contains .housecall and .limewire files as well as all the regular folders of a user. Is this a user or a backup? When I tried moving it to the Desktop it said it contained a link to the destination.

    Spysweeper and Spyware Eliminator both said there was spyware but wanted money to fix it.

    Ewido found and eliminated a bunch of things. I'm including the log as you suggested.

    Surfsidekick and Zeno popups were still running. I found them in the Uninstall software folder and Uninstalled them. They may have gone away.

    Rebooted again and got an Access violation in IExplore.exe at 00000060, read 00000060.

    It also has lost the google search bar.

    It says Java is disabled, but I found it installed in the uninstall software.
    Trend housecall starts to load but when it loads the updated definitions it hangs. My computer has no problem running it.

    Adaware says nothing is wrong.

    Spybot returns instantly as though something is killing its definition file.

    McAFee says nothing is wrong.

    Here is a new hijackthis.txt file

    Hope you can help.
  4. Tedster

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    damn, with all that crap on your system, it my be easier to do a fresh install and fortify it with updates and security programs. make sure you don't use instant messangers also....
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