Worked Before, But Not Anymore

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Mar 19, 2005
  1. I have 2 seagate hard drives, 1 80 gig, and 1 160 gig. I first had my PC running with just the 80 gig and it worked fine as master. Then I got the 160 gig plugged it in as slave and my PC knew it was there and connected to the PC but it just wasn't in "My Computer" and usable I guess you could say. So one of my friends directly connected to my computer over the internet and did something to my PC and got it working just fine (I just don't know what he did) I just formatted my PC today and the original 80 gig works but it's back to the way it was where the 160 gig isn't in "My computer" but if I go into device manager or hardware on my pc it shows it on there...what do I do?
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    Windows XP does not recognize anything over 100 gigs i believe and that could be your problem. Most hard drives come with a cd that modifies windows XP to recognize this hard drive, my hard drive was a 200 gig and windows xp would not recognize it till i loaded the western digital cd. Go to the hard drive manufacturer's site and see if you can find some driver that will enable your computer to recognize your hard drive and hopefully that should work.
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    Still doesn't work

    Seagate's Disc Wizard doesn't just tells me to turn off my pc and install the drive in the above position although I had it working fine before...when my friend fixed it before he didn't have to turn off and then turn on the pc to get it working...I didn't mention it before but this was an OEM drive (it didn't come with any cd's or instructions)
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    I asked my friend who fixed it the 1st time about it and he said all he did the 1st time was added the partition to it because it was raw but he can't do it naymore and he said he thought that it jjust might be unplugged or something but I checked all the connections and it it is connected properly...PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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    Got this problem fixed a while back...I formatted this drive as well and just needed to add a partition to it...pretty simple really
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