Works Calendar Won't Open

By lensel
Mar 3, 2005
  1. I am running Works 8 in WinXP Home. Included in this program is Works Calendar which I have used extensively as a reminder for appointments on my desktop.

    Recently, Works Calendar won't open in the Task Launcher; or, any other way. When I attempt to open I get a error message that reads;

    "Works cannot access one or more files needed to run the
    Calendar. The files may have been renamed, deleted or
    moved. Try reinstalling Works, and then reinstalling the
    program again."

    I've tried reinstalling, following three different MS Knowledge Base Documents that describe how to overcome this problem, but none makes a difference.

    I had a similiar problem in a earlier version of Works some years ago and finally found that I had to reinstall a file in Win98. Unfortunitly, I don't remember; or have, a copy of this file and am hopeful that someone else has encountered the same problem and knows the solution.
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