Workstation service cannot start

By MrNemo
Jan 17, 2007
  1. The workstation service (set on auto) cannot be started on an updated XP Pro SP2 client in a workgroup (error 2250). It can browse the net and ping the "server" and every other client.

    Before bothering to check the services, I (in no particular order) rebooted several times, ran anti-spyware, anti-virus, disabled firewall, ran ccleaner, ran, reset all internet services, uninstalled and reinstalled the network card (physically and within the device manager), tried closing background programs, checked that the NIC had newest drivers (LOL), netsh reset, winsock xp fix... then I noticed the workstation service was the culprit (not running), and thought sfc /scannow would do the trick, or chkdsk (which found a few bad sectors and one index file issue). Then I tried some registry permissions hacks, none of which worked.

    I am about to do a windows repair and then a full reinstall. Any ideas before I nuke it?

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