World Of Warcraft Connection Problems

By DM1293
Sep 24, 2007
  1. Current Status: Working
    Download Server: Working
    Gaming Server: Cannot Connect

    From what I can figure, this has to do with Proxy's and Ports. I'm running WindowsXP, And Norton Security. I've tried disabling firewalls on both of them,yet its still no go. I've tried using Proxy Server programs to get around the problem, but with one, it lagged fairly bad (Pings upward of 600-900, while it ran okay, it still stalled in some parts which could've ended up with a dead dwarf), and with another, it lagged HORRIFIC (10,000 Ping!).

    I've tried so many things, such as adding ports and such to the firewalls, disabling them, both XP and Norton. Is there ANYTHING that would work? Any assistance would be appreicated.
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