World of Warcraft login screen having spasms...?!? any suggestions?

By As2pedhipE
Jan 6, 2005
  1. I recently bought world of warcraft after checking blizzards homesite for minimum capabilities. I'm running a intel pentium 4 processor with 3.0 ghz. I have a gig of ram and a radeon x300. According to the site, I easily pass. The only problem is when I go to the login screen, I get a black backgroud with flashing white vertical bars completely omitting the statue-portal background My friends say my video card is dying but my computer is only 4 months old. Went through the troubleshooting that blizzard had. Nothing had any effect except when I opened it in opengl. then it turned had the statue-portal background on the right side facing inward and rotating back and forth. Would it be my video card? Could it be defective? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Brock

    Brock TS Rookie

    Dude, i would seriously go to and grab the latest drivers for your card. They are updated all the time there and this sounds a lot like a driver issue. Hope that helps mate :giddy:

    EDIT: almost forgot. make sure you uninstall your old drivers first and reboot. then install the new drivers and reboot again.
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