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I am getting a new laptop since my desktop is through and i am wanting to go mobile, and i just wanna know what to stay away from.
[LEFT]Software:Adobe products, Corel, Word, ect..
Entertainment: Movies, Music, Itunes, Instant Messaging, Internet
Games: World of Warcraft[/LEFT]
[CENTER]Not much gaming so don't link a gaming laptop[/CENTER]


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Don't goes for the cheapo laptop.

Since you want to play...

Go for IBM, ASUS, Dell, HP, Compaq and few things i don't remember

Avoid = Everex laptop.


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Everex = Wal-Mart lol definately stay away.

I am completely satisfied with my gateway notebook, MT6451 to be exact. The only complaint is it came with Vista so i "upgraded" to XP, it ran vista HORRIBLY. and the huge chunk of RAM the video takes, 256MB, making the total graphics RAM 320mb. The graphics are decent on the Radeon 1150m chip but not the best, it will run WoW very nice i used to play but stopped.
Can't recommend the IBM Lenovo T60. Even though it is relatively fast with the Centrino Duo, it tends to lock up all the time, especially if you leave it on overnight. If you do get one, get the dock to go with it, otherwise you'll have all the video, sound and hardwire network stuff on the left side where the cables get in the way.
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